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Question: What is a re-enactment?

Answer: A re-enactment by our definition is an event where members of the re-created Illinois Regiment will dress up and camp out to while performing a public historical display. These events include authentic activities of the time period as well as battle demonstrations.

Question: How can you be the "Illinois Regiment" when there was no state of Illinois?

Answer: Virginia managed western territories which spanned as far west as the Mississippi River northward up to the great lakes and southward into the Ohio River Valley. Being a very well to do state, they sent troops to the territory to maintain control of the waterways of the region. This territory was referred to as the Illinois Country and was later more commonly known as the Northwest Territory after the United States became a nation.

Question: Where do your members live?

Answer: Our members live throughout the midwest in states such as Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio.

Question: What kind of schedule do you have for your activities?

Answer: Events usually begin sometime in mid-spring and continue throughout the summer until mid-fall.

Question: When will you be having a re-enactment near me?

Answer: Check out our schedule to see when we will be participating in a local event near you.

Question: What time period is this hobby re-creating?

Answer: The orginal Illinois Regiment was formed in 1779 with the consent of Patrick Henry of Virginia. The unit was disbanded in 1784. The timespan of uniforms on display spans from 1778 until 1780.

Question: What or who is IRV?

Answer: IRV is the acronym for Illinois Regiment, Virginia State Forces.


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