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About the re-created Illinois Regiment, the re-enactors...

We are a group separate units which work together in order to more accurately portray the Illinois Regiment of the American Revolution. The independent units are members of two host organizations:

1) Brigade of the American Revolution

2) Continental Line

3) Northwest Territory Alliance

Re-enacting schedules for regional and national events begin in mid-spring and last until mid-fall.

See our F.A.Q. if you have any questions.Any further inquiries may be passed to the unit commanders or the webmaster:

Capt. Joseph Bowman's Company Paul Nelson
Capt. Charleville's Company Mark Redfern

Capt. Abraham Kellar' s Company
Greg Hudson

Capt. Richard McCarty's Company
Tom Schultz
Capt. John Roger's Company,
Light Dragoons
Peter Holm
Capt. Edward Worthington's Company Greg Holm
Benjamin Logans Company Ron Poppe


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